Avatar goldensilence90

Te dejo muchos besotes!

Un buen fin de semana!!~!!

On February 28 2014 (sent by goldensilence90) at Puerto Rico 1302 Views

Avatar aaronamyx

Aaronamyx On 13/06/2014

Why you didn't hang a white thick chain across from bird cage to cage behind her with dangling gold and silver chains is beyond me. ;o)

Avatar amoxenyte

Amoxenyte On 22/04/2014

If the birds saw that coming. they wouldn't ever had taken a swim in that cup and flew under the ruffles to collect to make a new nest for each of them.

First, we must drill a hole in the chair she is sitting on.

Then we pluck her of unwanted feathers "she don't need any -anyway" and place them in through the hole and build up our home sweet home. ((; >>



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