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Male - single - 11/02
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I've been on a to long of a trail that leads on to many interesting plights that throws me in so many ways. Although my true plight is hiding a secret I cannot share with anyone for a long while until I meet the correct artists that want more out of life than the little-bit of threads on their backs. Since I developed so much energy in creativity due to working over 490 jobs since I was a child at age six..... I learned way to much and filled way to much of my brains. Until the crash in Roswell New Mexico gave me a new hope and a new meaning to understanding ''why'' I have been attracted to only earth's human creatures more than any other planet can supply. And the good thing about that! Is everyone's creativity is more intriguing than my own. To help me cut down in crafting ideas to help me realize I don't have to do anything more until you earth creatures start looking in the mirrors together more to help induce my energy table. Then we inside you all will hopefully help you become more creative to help me become more happier -knowing you more- to helping aid other innovative plans to help me open up about my secret.

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