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Basket Swimsuit -for Basketing Beach Balls&trapping Fun Stuff In

I wouldn't want to be naked in water and rub up against this suit on any chick. /"*"?"*"\}\\ "Would ________________You?"

(b-o)Because most lawyers don't want to spend years trying to prove a point that computers are not away to mass-produce and re-create artwork that shouldn't be duplicated for more by ink pen. They all treated me strangely like I had no chance of making one cent. So that taught me to take on stronger securities. [Look for a-o) for more details. ~YOU MAY NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON~

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Digital camera : Olympus fe / 3x Zoom

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Pseudokane3_5 On 07/08/2014

I like to be naked...

And stronger securities are welcome for me too!


Avatar amoxenyte

amoxenyte On 10/08/2014

The best way to enjoy it. Is to find a shallow stream and walk it as far as you can go naked.

I myself was forced to run through objects you wouldn't dare go through naked ever. It was the best way to relieve myself from nicotine for the first few months - everyday I had the chance. In a swamp area infested with surprises and cactus needles to stinging thistles to wild javelinas, cottonmouths, bulls, diamond back snakes, wild mustard vines, houseback & horned spiders and their immense webs, scorpions, red hornets, snake infest dens, tarantulas, calcutta, thorny vines, thick tundras and ivies thick and covering quite a bit of the foliage. Traveling barefooted for miles and running into large lizards from time to time. And in an area surrounded by hordes of various women (mostly living outside the outskirts of those swamps). In an area called Widow's Lane of Texas. If a woman or women wanted to get rid of a man. She would have trained attack dogs chase him out of their home into that swamp in where they would usually never be heard of or seen again.

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