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Chain link in outer Space with Stars & Galaxies

As seen here at a close-up is my fire paint art called today as galaxy meteorite and due to magnification by 25X it is hard to imagine how much the artwork will truly standout when I start wearing it along with other friends that want to appeal to the eyes of the world "like icing flowers on a cake" beautiful and pretty to tongue-tempting and to grabbing the appeal that no other fashion in the world can grab on their own.

I put on a piece at one time that looked like "something from out of this world" (grew up onto my right arm) and after photographing it to advertise it on eBay my life would take a twist on things and I would move forwards to see how much further I could go with the help of a very special team.

Now we're about to leave the internet for good on our own. So the world of photography will change with better motion and still-water-pictures than we could all ever imagine on our own.

"Fun" - - - "Fun" - - - "Fun" are you all ready."

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