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Amoxenyte Fish Tank Coral Cave - Imitation I made for an Order

The amoxenyte name came up to me in 1985 while I was working on a story. I thought about changing my last name to it and then decided to stay with Amyx - a money yielding x-polar-ray designer. Meaning I would make new colors with UFO help.

In 1986, me and two friends had to spend the night in a barn out in the middle of nowhere after trying to find away to our hometown (fifteen miles away). For some reason or other no traffic would come our way for several hours. Then a rainstorm started and we would get stuck for the night.

Early the next morning, I would see a corn hutch made of concrete and crawl in. Just to see if there was a ladder to climb to the top to wave at anybody at a nearby ranch. Just as I realized there wasn't. "Ker-Whamp" a thud came down upon my head and I would awake finding a mean bump on my head and a rolled piece of paper tied by a strange green wire and slip it off to find a special message.

How to make a weird recipe in trade for a few secret designs me and friends were working on for a laser knife. Then they shown me how to make and sell the materials.

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