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Clovis Spear-Shaft Cleaning Knife of Black Rock, Utah

I found Utah's first fulgurite in the shape of a bent and round curvature in an area the Fremont apparently grew up in and around by the thousands.

Then I would go back and look in the surrounding area and find this old tool. Nothing was cleaned and so original dirt and minerals are still in fine lines and crevices of this unique handicraft. Date of Discovery - September 2013

Earlier - I find out my naturally made lightning sculpted sand sickle is a one of a kind worth - 3M in 1996

clovis knife 30K in years & age foto of old tool foto find by FM amoxenyte collection fulgurite man fulgurite black rock utah

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Cheekythegnome On 09/07/2014

Now that is a piece of history! Very interesting! :-)xxx.

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