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Kent's Stringing Jungle

"made of actual photos of string" from my own collection and from a CD I sold to many friends and purchasers of galaxy meteorite art pieces.

all strings were torched in a spaghetti of mixed finger nail paints, enamels, tri-chem ink, acrylics and house paint to HO model paints. twisting, rolling, popping, blistering like magma on the move, until it dried and greatly-hardened into this "gloop" for picture taking.

and zaney pilot friends shouldn't be flying so close to me or that low towards my hometown buildings and streets or bees and trees might sling-shot them down.

w/attacking forces behind me and my backdoor. a family called hostetlares better be careful. I have way more experience from Jay E. Hoover's little brother "that you are not even aware of.

so if you and your family wants to keep threatening me.... you better pack up and leave to head to gold rush territory to feel safe and eat bear-rito's for the rest of your lives.

or my relatives down there in you know where -will shortly leave you be and you will be wrangling the outdoors closer to UFO land than your kiddos can imagine. ''and I'm a personal friend of Santa's so you better and butter tell them bear-ritos I may not bring them elf and deer dolls to play with, next year.

"do you really know why Mrs. Hernandez and her family left your church with those other Hispanic friends and children. "The same reason you don't and never have bothered to visit me in person at my homestead other than when I wasn't home

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Avatar pumpkinpie1

Pumpkinpie1 On 27/06/2014

Hi! How are you? I can speak a little english ahahaha. Where are you from? Nice pick, it's very,very fantastic. See you, kisses :)

Avatar amoxenyte

amoxenyte On 28/06/2014

Dallas Texas (as in human form) but from heaven after original owner had to leave. But he get's to watch from time to time to see what were doing outside his old home-stead, for all humanity. d\l;lo)

Avatar hanzaki

Hanzaki On 27/06/2014

thanks for your visit :)
if they are very different illustrations than usual lol jaja

good image!

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Ang3l_d3_amor On 27/06/2014

hello very good morning
thank you very much for spending

Avatar harret

Harret On 25/06/2014

am interested in you, my name is Harret ([email protected])i have something special to tell you about me,i will like you to contact me directly so that i can send you my photos,waiting for your mail to my email address,([email protected]) please reply me directly to my email thanks;

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Cheekythegnome On 24/06/2014

Amazing color! You are an amazing guy! :-)xxx.

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