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Took this Texas shot in 1992 on Feb 13 after seeing it earlier

Amazing to see a dancing person playing a flute like ancients used in hieroglyphics. Did the ancient people actually come up with the design from an arched over flute player? Or could it of been something like this.''

Clearly mustard grape vines is what produced this unique feature. In a location of a woodsy area that had never been effected by man before.

It was so dense around this area that if the sun light had disappeared and I was with a flashlight. I'm sure I would of still be stuck for a very long time.

There wasn't a homestead for over a couple of miles. And I was nearly four miles away from my own home looking for a great photo-shot all day long for three whole days. And I was in an area wolves and one black fully grown puma had a territorial life in. And my only weapon was my bare feet and hands while wearing shorts and no shirt.

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Avatar cheekythegnome

Cheekythegnome On 15/06/2014

Very interesting! I can see the stick people too! :-)xxx.

Avatar amoxenyte

amoxenyte On 20/06/2014

Thank You! ;o) I didn't think I was so thin.... ;o)

Avatar cheekythegnome

cheekythegnome On 22/06/2014

Hehehe.... :-)xxx.

Trees can dance, here is the evidence!!! :-)xxx.

Avatar amoxenyte

amoxenyte On 02/07/2014

Good Point ;o=

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