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Godzilla Licked Dog & now Dog Glows /l\ 2Right is Rare Fulg Ring


It was the very first fulgurite I found in Utah. After its find I had the hardest time trying to figure out what it was and how it formed. Then I saw lightning spark close enough to see the tight bends and knew it had to been sand vitrified by the 20,000Jules of pure electrical power. [Using welding goggles, carrying a movie camera and an aluminum folding chair to an area where the most lightning bolts were sprawling to the ground. I rushed in for the chance to take some good pictures and hopefully get close enough to a bolt of pure energy to see what comes with it.] And it happened. Over seven years ago.

It was the only time either. First time I was reeling a fishing line in out of Utah Lake while waves were coming in at close to eight feet in height. When after I noticed height of water in front of me a bolt at six inches across struck the beach in front of me at six feet away. If it hadn't been for the water reflecting the light in a good way, I would of been blind for a very long time. Luckily a friend could direct my path due to a short blindness of blurriness for several minutes. [The closest after that within sprawling and heavily branching fire blasts..... two to seven feet for about fifteen minutes around a large car.]

FB individuals used: Krista Abbaticchio & Family

lightning godzilla monsters rainbow ribs firing rockets fire fly painting w/fire fire & knife art dancing w/knives dancing on fire fire painting isn't drying paint- -with flames -its broiling paint- to cake it- to make paint bricks -to build art with. art foto gallery fire in the hole tunnel gazer flame thrower giant anvid king lizard giant monstersswimsuit beach beach models abbaticchio krista & family fb KA aaa fm aaa-fm fulgurite man Black Rock Fulgurite Ancient Fremont Game Fremont Fulgurite Fremont Games Swim Suit modelo model style amor felicidad deus rockatto vintage cosplay costumes nature wild life natural cinema scene scenery funny-quotes funny-quips happy smile friend fashion-style fashion-design fashion

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Avatar cheekythegnome

Cheekythegnome On 30/05/2014

I'm back! Nice group! :-)xxx.
It seems that the white dog is the only one who suspects danger!
Great colors! :-)xxx.
Have an art filled day! :-)xxx.

Avatar aaronamyx

aaronamyx On 03/06/2014

most likely he will bark and growl when it is time to run.... maybe we'll hear him too. ;o)) and then we can prepare our escape.

Avatar cheekythegnome

cheekythegnome On 15/06/2014

Excellent plan! I wonder what other monsters are out there?
I saw this on the net ...

" You're a ghost driving a meat coated skeleton,
made from stardust, what do you have to be scared of?"

Maybe people are the scariest things on Earth... :-)xxx.

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