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Can you ale see what's hidden in mirrored geode thicky mess?

THERE'S MUCH MORE TO COME WITH SIMILAR CREATIVITY. "I guess I went """Ker-Slpunge!"""" when I came up with this Geode Planet - Extraodinaire dream of mine.

Or do you ale think I messed up here and there to much.

I wouldn't know. To knowing where I'm to go... But out on a branch out of my hair. To wonder if anyone cares. But slowly and woundly -blessed little toes.

"What really shows? [Please checkout my other exerpts - blurps - and - funny and crazy quips.

And can you all imagine what I left out in the desert earlier today? Better find that one or "both" before it gets away.

One ended up in the pokey and the other got drenched. Oooogh What am I going to have to say! "It's not my fault'' someone didn't give me their real phone numbers while my truck is down and my foot is still broken and while they're calling every body else for help... I noticed their phone was going blank a lot. ;o(.

I guess that's why I have to take sleeping time awful late. ;```oooO(

funny-quotes-funny artwork art artist fun dreams wet dreams two blondes left in desert dressing litely looking for help why me why them two where am i i'm not in bed yet! foto galaxy meteorite amoxenyte aaronamyx reddauug radioactive man geode extraordinairegeode planet antelope springs millard county-utah gallery felicidad viley meryl sleeeeeep sleeeep goin-to sleep! peep

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Cheekythegnome On 30/05/2014

A superb image. Fantastic! Thank you for the hearts! :-)xxx.

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Aimer_kawaii On 27/05/2014

Excellent photo greetings :)

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Ang3l_d3_amor On 25/05/2014

hello very good morning
very interesting topic
gone up to the group that
, thank you very much

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