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Avatar amoxenyte

CheepBear Palette - (intermixed w/open dugway geodes & skin)

using photographs of past geodes that I sold on ebay under identification name amoxenyte there and the skin of a friends arm because he didn't want to be on the net anywhere with his face. ''funny'' but there are a great deal of friends that rather stay quiet to themselves and stick with being outsiders and away from internet people. ''whatever those are?"

after throwing the palette together at a fast-pace I realized before I almost threw it away. that at a distance. ''while collecting some hot aroma tea'' I would see a darn-tootin-person's face in it. "but only at a distance is it visible. about thirty feet away. ;o)

and he looks sophisticated at that distance. ''you should walk away and see if you can see it too.

years ago, I was pulling weeds by a sidewalk to find any big rocks before mowing a small lawn. and to my surprise.... staring through a double storm window... was a shadow of a mans head, but with dark evil eyes and with perfect mouth turned with a strong grin I had to go get a camera.

after I get back out there through that same section. "there he was" staring right out the window at me. "He looked like he was two feet back behind a bar by this window and inside there isn't anyone. he even had hair and his feature was all a whitish complex of a shadow that looked like a man's true head and face. (this was three years ago) I hadn't seen it ever again. I wished I knew how it formed. Or if he was a true entity. He seemed pleased with my lawn care and left.

bigfoot face or just shadow or real? thwarting off bad weeds be gone camera foto photo art abstract zelinhares wombat ocelot granger marcipal popgut rabbitcheepbear wanting photograph then shadow left man's face i did get it i photographed him i have the picture somewhere photo is somewhere head looked real but also a shadow nothing in kitchen not a thing would of created him it was on darkside darkside of home was about 60% light inside sun was on backside no window light was back there because there isn't a window back there not even a house light was on no lights no emergency no candle no steam no moisture no smokenot anything but temparature was nice at 65 degrees in home he even had hair and a beard his head-face (3-D) looked 3-D even eyes mouth cheeks everything ??? ghost or strange celestial being...? or someone...? but not of water party emo amor strange not sci-fi eye brows were bushy too neck (not visible) (no torso) no arms no legs not visible in house phenomenon?

On May 10 2014 at United States 381 Views

Avatar mares__del_mundo

Mares__del_mundo On 12/05/2014

saludos gracias por subir


Avatar mares__del_mundo

Mares__del_mundo On 12/05/2014

saludos gracias por subir


Avatar stars_potter

Stars_potter On 12/05/2014

Thank you for your comment ,you are in effes

Avatar harrypotter__10

Harrypotter__10 Goldcam On 11/05/2014

Thanks for your cmt

Avatar cheekythegnome

Cheekythegnome On 10/05/2014

Thank you for your nice comments! :-)xxx. Interesting work!
Your story reminds me of a painting my grandparents have on the wall in the spare bedroom. During the day it is just three pears and a paper bag, but at night it becomes a really scary face! I wonder if the artist knew about that? :-)xxx.

Avatar amoxenyte

amoxenyte On 25/05/2014

I see what you mean.... There is some surprisingly spookiness here for faces too. ;o) Especially with the face above having a blue ribbon on top of her head.

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