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With even Two Story-High Homes Roofing begin to get on Nerves

{Photo is of one called Blackstar Galaxy Meteorite} - From nerves to moving around on shingles with knees through jeans and no mercy on the high roofs and steep angled slants. The more I looked at a JC Penny Catalog and begin to realize why working on roof tops can be worth the grains of gravel roughing up skin and sticky tar collecting on skin and clothing couldn't be any worse than working in the early mornings until the heat of the sun begin to turn sweat into blisters -without- gloves and leather trousers on. And knowing, why so many would work jobs like this! Is all to do with people wanting things.

Then my parents moved me from Dallas, TX to Cincinnati, OH and to the State of Tennessee.

In where my parents would rent a nice apartment with a unique parking lot and driveway system. That a bicycle I would receive, that my parents purchased after finding one in a local newspaper classified ad.

Shortly I would learn to stand on the bar between the seat and handle bars and try to figure out away to ride this way and with no hands. ''''' '''' THAT ! '''' '''''' WAS A MISTAKE. "Trust-Me" It just doesn't cut it when gravity is much stronger than our brains!

Then my father would get this unique job at a steel-building company called "Kirby Steel & Fabrication" drawing architect for various purchasers and make a new friend that would later save my life at a much later date. Mack would be the owner of this foundation and I would get to see the inside of his foundry shortly.

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