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Strings - Beams and Stars afloat in admist of things. Sexy!

What a group of things and photo's I used to produce this photo.

From my Galaxy Meteorite & Amoxenyte photo collection in the thousands and off of my Artwork CD of 3058 photos on it too from the Sales on the Internet from 2001 to 2005.

Then the internet decided to show me no one cares about someone that isn't really what anyone would expect!

"Happy Holloweennie!"

stardust foto galaxy meteorite amoxenyte artwork cd by aaa 2001 to 2005 2014

On September 25 2014 at United States 33 Views

Avatar pseudokane3_5

Pseudokane3_5 On 27/09/2014

O didn't understand what you wrote early, but...

I hope that everything is OK.
Miley Cyrus is chasing you? Urgh!

In Internet, the people show us 'personae'... Not really themselves!


Avatar aaronaamyx

aaronaamyx On 01/10/2014

nope... she or someone posing as her was giving me funny ideas on my fb and then I came over here to hide. and the thing with short hair (Dennis the Menace?) actually seemed of followed me over here. So I figured her promoters were following me and they reacted to my opposition for viewer counter strengths. And then they surely proved it. And shortly I put up a nice funny line under one of her bikini "sets" and they made it disappeared when I apparently made them mad at one time. {I don't think they understood me} and I don't either "most of the time." ;o)

Avatar ariesleo6449

Ariesleo6449 On 27/09/2014


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