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Candle Lamp used for Fremont Lantern with animal fat.

I found many hollow and with few having tree or plant roots inside. While one or two would show burnt insides and some lightning sculpted sand sickles with ash inside.

But I never found one yet! Within the hand of someone holding one up and fire coming up out of it's open end. Though that doesn't mean it hasn't happened ever.

I have found ancient clay-wall rooms with hardened and strong old fulgurite pieces side by side in them and figured they were part of men and children's games. Though I do know. That these sandy coated ones do absorb animal fat and corn oil and will burn for a few minutes. [Longer than any dry tree branch.] These use to sell on ebay years back with getting a great deal of bids until others begin to infringe on similar phrases. I warned etsy for allowing infringers and I they really didn't care because of the attention it would bring them more, and they told me to back off.

infringers lightning naturals candle lamp lightning torch night lamp ebay sales fumble- due to etsy takeover ear cleaning tool fireball lightning prayer pipe fulg blow tube fulgurite soon sellers like- -me will have to- beg in the streets- and kneel before- white god's!

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