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Photo of Wild Mustang Horse - Swasey Springs, Utah

Horse only visible in the center. I camped here early summer looking for rarer fossils and buried Aztec treasure after I found huge stone faces in Black Rock Territory by Great Indian Chief Stone Face in which others say it resembles Brigham Young ;o) "Never heard of that Indian Chief before.

"Does he like peyote and coyote and antelope and beautiful Indian women girls?

I know they must exists after seeing great sky bird look on me and show great wonders on how our land will be beautiful once again with many other faces in a many different colors mixed with many earth creatures, even called flowers.

Shame most cactus not edible here. Oh darn my socks! This not cactus". "This green glowing and moldy squirrel tail." - White men full of surprises! Even with "rice pancakes and rice flour" and possibly soon -rice ice cream. "Mmmm."

American Heritage Great Reindeer Men Funny White Men Full of Surprises Horse Mustang Wild Animal Wild Mustangs Swasey Spring Utah Foto Photo by Amyx Indian Warrior Painted Horse Pinto Horse White Hand Horse Race Horse Funny Quips AMYX PHOTOGRAPHY AMYX

On September 11 2014 at United States 39 Views

Avatar estrelalinda

Estrelalinda On 13/09/2014

Tenha um bom fim de semana.

Avatar karrlla

Karrlla On 13/09/2014


Avatar amoxenyte

amoxenyte On 13/09/2014

I would put you on him, but your photo will have to be shrunken down to a flea size first. ;o) d/o)> <3X<3O<3X<3O

Avatar karrlla

karrlla On 13/09/2014


Avatar rojodepelos

Rojodepelos On 11/09/2014

Hi, i don't understood that you say. Sorry friend :) Thanks for the post.

Avatar amoxenyte

amoxenyte On 13/09/2014

Most of the time I donno what i'm say'n but i'm saying I donno d/o)>

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