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De camino a Heathrow para coger el vuelo a Boston haciendo propaganda de alcohol :)


On August 23 2008 10 Views

Avatar mayrah18

Mayrah18 On 08/12/2008

hlas wapisima!! espero que lo estés pasando genial,nosotras tenemos muxísimas ganas de verte, ya hemos hexo planes casi y todo, jajajajaja, un besin muy grandeeee

Avatar sweetchildren87

Sweetchildren87 On 28/11/2008

creo q deje el fotolog...
es q llevo ya muchos dias sin actualizar y lo q es peor sin ganas...
a parte q mucha gente con la q comentaba lo dejo...
ahora casi lo tengo solo para comentarle de vez en cuando a raquel
: P

pero agradezco mucho tu firma
: D

has visto good bye lenin ? de mis pelis favoritas

Avatar diegocam

Diegocam On 15/11/2008

Aqui estoy luci, me encontraste!!

Avatar machangita

Machangita On 16/10/2008

te has ido de ERASMUS? cuentame!

Avatar blizzie

Blizzie On 29/08/2008

are the actual phones really expensive? i don't want to spend a lot on the phone...i will check out the phones when i get there TOMORROW!! is there a certain place i need to go to buy this phone. i know i can buy minutes as i need them from little shops. i don't really want to open a contract becaue i don't have a bank account in spain, and well, i think a pay-as-you-go phone is whats going to work the best for me. there is still text messaging right?...i'm actually at the airport right now waiting to board my plane. but first we have a connection in germany...

Avatar blizzie

Blizzie On 26/08/2008

239-410-9231...i am visitinig friends up at school, but i always have my phone on me!!! i have to get a cell phone when i get to spain..and a lot of other things!!!

Avatar blizzie

Blizzie On 25/08/2008

welcome to boston!!! glad you made it safe!! i leave friday!! ahhhh!!!!!!!!

Avatar lydihh

Lydihh On 24/08/2008

t kieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeroo:P

Avatar illunae

Illunae On 24/08/2008

LU!!!! Espero ver prontito fotos de Boston x aqui e? jajaja Muxux!!!!


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