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Xq no pasan estas dos semanas de locos?

1 mes y San Fermín


On June 07 2008 4 Views

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Blizzie On 15/06/2008

hey!! sorry it has taken me so long to respond. i was gone for a week. plus, celebrating being legal!! :) anyways, the consulate was quite interesting. but all is good. my visa is being processed now! :) good luck in madrid!! i'm coming to spain august 29th- too bad we're going to miss each other. Let me know whats going on with your trip. I would love to hear about all you will be doing. And I will keep you posted on my trip. I'm going to make a visit to Gijon!! I just haven't figured out when yet!! Good luck on your exams!! Miss you and we will talk soon!!

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Littlegofio On 10/06/2008

Quien tiene cara de "besable" in Pamplona? Intrigada me dejas... escasean mas bien! q tal vos? illunae casi never me writes :(
exámenes bien verdad¿ con lo lista q tu eres.. yo empiezo el 19 fea!
y con un calor, un sol tan rico :P un besito mu fuertee!
saquitos de suerte para todas!

Avatar mariariot

Mariariot On 07/06/2008

aún con exámenes??? ÁNIMO!!! :D :D

por cierto, me hice con una promoción genial en el Corte Inglés de nuestras queridas Gilmore Girls, toda la serie completa a un precio bastante bueno :P

suerte cn los exams!!! :D



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