Avatar along

blues skies from now on.

p.s.: Tucker Carlson just predicted Kerry will win.

On November 01 2004 8 Views

Avatar eyecandy

Eyecandy On 06/11/2004

this is sooooo right

Avatar national

National On 04/11/2004

I remember those days. Everything seemed so hopeful.

Avatar jdiggle

Jdiggle On 02/11/2004

superb, really needs to be on yellow and blue (great flog from johanna)

Avatar pissedbroad

Pissedbroad On 02/11/2004

you can help too

Avatar kandykorn

Kandykorn On 02/11/2004

hey, today is the tomorrow we have all been worrying about.

Avatar kandykorn

Kandykorn On 02/11/2004

hey, that *is* a surprisingly comforting article... but... i am still quite afraid of the tricks these creeps have up their sleeves.

Avatar johnnyphoto

Johnnyphoto On 02/11/2004

new term, "sleepflogging" :)

Avatar johnnyphoto

Johnnyphoto On 02/11/2004

heh, who even knew you were awake. :)

Avatar kandykorn

Kandykorn On 02/11/2004

so worried so very, very worried

Avatar mary_rutter

Mary_rutter On 02/11/2004

oh thats so beautiful! I love that yellow!

Avatar beebs

Beebs On 02/11/2004

holy holy wows

Avatar cookieb

Cookieb On 01/11/2004

yes please! this is beautiful. that tucker carlson with the little bowtie?! i hope that fucker is right. sorry for the f word :)

Avatar _clr_

_clr_ On 01/11/2004

lovely shotfingers crossed x

Avatar beamanism

Beamanism On 01/11/2004

HOPE IS ON THE WAY!great colors/textures.

Avatar world_o_randi

World_o_randi On 01/11/2004

whispy.tucker will say anything so the liberals stop laughing at his bowtie

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