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Interested in getting off Internet for a few hours each day and getting a job? It ain't easy these days. You might have the most experience and skill, and you might have all that displayed on an updated resume. But these days, the competition is tough. An employer gets 1000 resumes submitted to them online, and if your resume doesn't stand out, you won't get that call. Would you want to read a page of a dictionary? Well that's what your resume look like: a white page with 9 point black text crammed into tiny margins.
You need to keep it interesting, while highlighting your best assets and experience. How about a bold template like this? For what you'll make in just an hour or two at your new job, these templates will transform your resume from a piece of paper into a professional showcase. Don't waste any more of your time with your dictionary resume that gets thrown to the bottom of the stack.
No resume? No problem. It will only take you a few minutes to fill in the blanks, whereas if you made your resume from scratch it could take hours (dealing with tabs and bullet points jumping all over the place. . .). If you have your content already, just fill it in. Done.
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