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I feel bad about not feeling sorry for her. Not gonna say I am an angel, but I honestly can't even imagine why things ended up like they did between us. So as far as I am concerned she is a childish selfish kid who is reaping what she sowed.
Pero es verdad que me siento culpable porque su situación no me suscite pena alguna. No es que me regodee con su sufrimiento, pero tampoco me han educado para sentir indiferencia o incluso un sentimiento de justicia ante los pesares ajenos. Ni siquiera es que ella haya hecho algo por lo que merezca que las cosas le vayan mal.
I guess I will get my share of bad news this year if I keep showing this lack of solidarity. I just hope those news won't be related to family or health, please.

On June 11 2017 at Seoul, S?ul-t'?kpy?lsi, Korea, South 45 Views

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