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Lately things have been working out for quite a while and I, being me, can't help but worry about how can things work out so smoothly. I can't refrain myself from thinking that all the things that have gone well lately are some kind of compensation for the one thing that won't work out, which is the one that I have been preparing for and waiting for for the last two years. Seems like I can't enjoy winning streaks without focusing on when will the losing streak start again... Enough! I am going to focus only on the good things for the time being, because there are quite a few (mostly everything is going well lately). I actually feel a bit guilty because, unlike for everyone I know, 2017 has been quite a nice year so far, no bad news, no failed plans, no nothing! That is what worries me so much! How could it end better than it started when in 4 months not a single bad thing has happened to me? But once again, where is the point of suffering and getting anxious? There is a say in my country that goes: If you have to suffer then make sure you only suffer "during" and "after" the situation, but not "before". So let's use this post to express how thankful I am for this period. We happen to take so many things for granted and yet we don't realize that life is not fair and bad things happen to everyone quite often, so when things go well the least I can do is being thankful for everything that goes well. Wishing the best for almost everyone else as well :)

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