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I wish that feelings were like days. There is a sunrise, when the sun starts coming up, then noon, when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky in a day, then comes the sunset, when the sun is hiding again to leave us in the deepest darkness.
If it was that easy it wouldn't be so painful.
But right now it feels like an eternal sunset, and when it comes to feelings, it is not beautiful as the real sunset would be. It is just sad, leaves me hopeless... and afraid of falling into the kind of darkness no sunrise would help me get out of.

빨리 낫고 싶어. 엄청 많이 아프다. 난 언제 괜찮을 수 있겠어? 아 진짜... 못 참아, 너무 우울해.

On March 09 2015 at Seoul, S?ul-t'?kpy?lsi, Korea, South 20 Views

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