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Why do I have to cry for someone who said he loved me...

when he actually never did.

Why did I have to waste almost two years of my life and all these feelings to end up finding out that it always was one-sided, despite how many times he said he loved and he wanted to marry me. He never did. He didn't really love me.

It is so painful to realize that the person you felt safe with, the person you trusted the most, the person that made you believe that everything was possible "cause someone as wonderful as him loved you, so what could ever possibly go wrong?" was just a mask.

It leaves you so empty. So hopeless. So insecure. So cynical when it comes to believing that someone will love you the way you are. He didn't, and he seemed so confident about his love for you, so how will someone else feel that way about you in the future? The one who promised he did didn't, not even for a tiny little instant.

Descubrir después de dos años que, desde el principio, eras la única de los dos que realmente sentía algo por el otro en esa relación es algo muy difícil de digerir. Es... Es que todo era mentira, todo. Digan lo que digan sus familiares sobre lo mucho que me ha querido... Era todo mentira. Creía que estaba construyendo una relación estable con unos cimientos bien sólidos y un futuro prometedor y en realidad estaba construyendo un castillo en el aire porque él me hacía creer que era recíproco.

Es que no logro entender que clase de persona obtiene placer de hacerle algo así a otra persona.

On February 28 2015 at Seoul, S?ul-t'?kpy?lsi, Korea, South 9 Views

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