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bet i've been going to basement shows longer than you.

On February 23 2007 12 Views

Avatar fat_head

Fat_head On 07/03/2007

come back into my life alex

Avatar nickskiba

Nickskiba On 07/03/2007

bullshit you have been

Avatar ineedlunch

Ineedlunch On 01/03/2007

yeah i smoke more pot than i used to but i still don't do it too often. whatevabut yes lets hang soon

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Codigo_binario On 28/02/2007

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Avatar ineedlunch

Ineedlunch On 26/02/2007

haha I still have lots of school left. It's the price I have to pay for being sucha rebel. But excuse me your work is awesome you get to eat BBQ all the time! i am actually pretty jealous working at the coffee shop when you don't actually drink coffee is not that rewarding especially getting 8.50$ an hour BAH oh well here's my cell give me a call or a text if you wanna! 660-3558. what do you do for fun nowadays anyways

Avatar ineedlunch

Ineedlunch On 26/02/2007

probably just hanging out trying to be as cool as you :PHEY WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE STUDY BUDDIES!

Avatar ineedlunch

Ineedlunch On 23/02/2007

100000000000 Scene points Alex.


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