Avatar deloused

Deloused On 13/07/2006

WHAT?!?!?!!?AND I DIDNT EVEN GET TO SEE YOU!?fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckit was fucking rad though hey? haha

Avatar fat_head

Fat_head On 09/07/2006

alex i miss your beautiful face

Avatar feed_the_gods

Feed_the_gods On 01/07/2006


Avatar morkos

Morkos On 24/06/2006

Yo Alex, how are you?

Avatar mcgillagorilla

Mcgillagorilla On 11/06/2006

white water rafting is the best i went a month agobut thats probably not what ur doing here

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Chelsey[dollofpain] On 07/06/2006

Ummmm We just met?

Avatar wabam

Wabam On 05/06/2006

i miss you alex eff

Avatar acoustic

Acoustic On 03/06/2006


Avatar bleedingkiss

Bleedingkiss On 03/06/2006

dudeHaven't heard from you in forever.Hows life?

Avatar bnshee

Bnshee On 03/06/2006

hola =)


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