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how to build big quad muscles

We continued appear midway does foursome strong over night what is the 1i didn't I'm bored motions possible while before we get into the heavyweight now this is the age that everybody wants to know how strong are always a how much the best right to mega from you walking on street smarts how much can you bench press yeah I don’t care about anything other than ever because no a much better doesn't really matter how much you can press not just its more less shape and size its energy on stage doesn't matter when you're on stage much at right the until yeah heard pulled down a movie with them know the exercise very I never dote same exercise twice you need it you need it kind of spice to break it up so cut if you used to get to the same exercise you doing it repeatedly nobody used toot so it doesn't respond anymore see one shot the muscles and do something different when you train a body part..


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