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Alternative Medicine

I'm a great believer in alternative-medicine... learned that from Tom Walton ;-) (BTW the large brown object bottom right on top of my cigs' box is a stock-cube for making gravy ;-) ...honest)


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Avatar pwolman

Pwolman On 21/02/2012

Ruddy barstards just lost my attempted post. Some service. I was saying that some of us are opposing (see my page today and Fotolog's Facebook page, if you care to, which is filling up with comments ranging from the mildly outraged to the floridly scatological).

Bests, eh?

Avatar lherbier

Lherbier On 20/02/2012

réussir une ambiance zen

Avatar alansky22

Alansky22 On 14/02/2012

This new fotolog is rubbish! I'm trying to contact them but it says my password is incorrect (it isn't)... fotolog sent me a new password but when I tried that (to send them a comment) it rejected that also! Rubbish! All based on commercialism and heaping in more advertising!

Avatar glaciergirl1

Glaciergirl1 On 26/12/2011

Yes indeed! Cheers to you!

Avatar pwolman

Pwolman On 25/12/2011

Right, then, and you're the first person I know who has rolling papers for his gravy. No wonder you're listing a port there.... ;-) Enjoy the season !

Avatar tomanshela

Tomanshela On 18/12/2011

the fact that you have reached the ripe old age that you have, despite all your other bad habits is proof that it works. you're welcome.

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