Avatar ajoakley

Never to old...

...to snuggle on Daddy!

On May 18 2010 14 Views

Avatar auntietara

Auntietara On 19/05/2010


Avatar znojtwins

Znojtwins On 19/05/2010

I love everything about this picture -- the lighting, those chubby little kissable cheeks, the precious look on Aiden's face, the peace and quiet. It is beautiful.

Avatar lynneznoj

Lynneznoj On 18/05/2010

I would be glad to join the list of those who would love to snuggle with this precious little guy. xo GramsZ

Avatar donnad

Donnad On 18/05/2010

Our little angel......
Or too old to snuggle on Mom, or Nani, or Grandad, or Uncle Scott....

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