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Helping to Empty the Dishwasher

As Aiden trys to figure out what he wants to touch next, Meatball is cautiously watching me as if to tell him "She's going to be mad at us" :-)

On May 15 2010 15 Views

Avatar lynneznoj

Lynneznoj On 17/05/2010

Pictures do not get much cuter than this!!! Could win a prize! xo GramsZ

Avatar donnad

Donnad On 16/05/2010

Looks like he only has a spoon at this point, but..............
And a bump on that head???? I have a frozen Nemo the Fish to help boo boos !!! And Disney bandaids too.

Avatar znojtwins

Znojtwins On 15/05/2010

Uh-oh! Don't get the knives. Forks are no-nos in our house too! But you are a good helper, I bet Mommy is happy to have your help :)

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