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Speaking of the Sippy Cup

Our new best friend!

On May 11 2010 11 Views

Avatar donnad

Donnad On 13/05/2010

As soon as I know when the pool will be open we start putting more than one date aside. Pool PARTIESSSSSSS.

Avatar lynneznoj

Lynneznoj On 12/05/2010

I heard it was pool PARTIES!! xo GramsZ

Avatar znojtwins

Znojtwins On 12/05/2010

Can't wait to see your new backyard and all your new toys and porch!! Pool party, here we come!

Avatar donnad

Donnad On 11/05/2010

Oh Aiden, you are always so happy. And you're so smart. You know when your Mom is trying to trick you. I think you are just more comforted by that bottle, right? Nani will give you whatever you want. Wait til you see the new deck Greg Swanson is helping to build for you and Meatball so you won't fall. Gonna be great for your girlfriend Abby tooooooooooo. And so many new outside toys. I think Nani is more excited than you.

Avatar znojtwins

Znojtwins On 11/05/2010

What a good sippie cup drinker you are! Love that smile :) Is that milk? Can you call your girlfriend and tell her to drink milk out of a sippie cup? Not sure what it is my kids drink milk out of a bottle fine, drink every other drink out of a sippie cup, but will not drink milk from a sippie cup.

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