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Having My Morning Coffee

Just want a taste to get my day started Mom!

On May 10 2010 7 Views

Avatar scottyd

Scottyd On 11/05/2010

It was so amazing to see him walking and grabbing at stuff. We were drinking out of big boy cups and holding our sippie cups all by ourself. He is one adorable little munchkin.

Avatar donnad

Donnad On 10/05/2010

Ohhhh honey - Nani will get you any kind you like. Is that Meatball waiting for a drop to spill??? How about some coffee milk? Is that why you are coming to Rhode Island? Eclipse syrup?????
Biggest cookout ever Steph. What a fabulous idea. Of course what kind of weather do you think we'd have...LOL. Bought playground set on Mother's Day. Made this Mom/Nani have a super day to shop and buy something for my family.

Avatar lynneznoj

Lynneznoj On 10/05/2010

You are a guy after my own heart.....there is no better way to start the day.....hope it is "Dunkin" Donuts coffee!!! There is some controversy as to which is best.....Starbucks or DD.....what do you think......with a name like "Duncan"??? Love you TONS! xo GramsZ

Avatar znojtwins

Znojtwins On 10/05/2010

That is so cute!! We love coffee over here too. Everyone except Daddy drinks coffee!! Miss seeing your little face on fotolog. Glad to see you are back. Can't wait until you are up here for good! We'll have a big cookout to celebrate!

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