Avatar ladybugge

Ladybugge On 15/06/2009

It's been so long since I've been here. The kids have grown so much! They look great! It looks like I've missed a lot, hope all is good for you all.

Avatar coopheartslaos

Coopheartslaos On 16/03/2009

That's exactly how I feel when I see fingers puppets.

Avatar doug_mir

Doug_mir On 09/03/2009

the beauty of lao silk

Avatar kellijo

Kellijo On 09/03/2009

Cute and nice!

Avatar dulceseduxiioon

Dulceseduxiioon On 07/03/2009

*. · . »hola!
me paso
FFs dale?
estas en mis ffs odvio
un beso grande :)
By Daii

hermoso hermos hermoso!!!

ya dige hermoso??¿

me emcammto tu flog

Avatar lindalee

Lindalee On 07/03/2009

Nice and cute!

Avatar jennybajema

Jennybajema On 06/03/2009

Oh cute! Did you get those as a prize? You're always winning things...have you seen your ipod yet?


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