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drug problems

my struggle with weed:

It was amazing. It was interesting, it was new, it was perfect. Now, not so much. It got me to become in love with numbers, with philosophy, with trying to understand life and nature. I became amazed by everything that surrounded me and thus started this journey to become a better person.

All of this sounds good but abusing a substance has its drawbacks. Somehow I stopped enjoying life without weed. Parties are great with alcohol, but now I have to smoke a little bit in order to be completely ok.

I decided to be public about my habit so Im a proud stoner, but I now that will bring me trouble some day, world is not prepared.

Weed makes me lethargic and sometimes give me deppression in the following days. Small quantities of weed help me better but they still give a slight headache for the next day.I would love to do without it but Life wont be the same.Weed is awesome. Weed is life. Weed IS NO PERFECT.

Weed brought me new guy. A cute bipolar one that Im starting to really dig. im having problems because somehow I know that it could go really really really bad, but at the same time Im kinda amazed by what he conveys. He's my type, I cannot deny that. Hes caring and loving. Dull at times, but I hope i just a matter of time. I want to discover how things go with him, but Im so doubtful. Is he a match for me? will he understand my independance? Will he win my heart? too soon to know.

Partner let me upgrade U.

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