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I found this in my kitchen trash can last night, I get your message Slavcia.

See Alan Watts; "In My Own Way" His autobiography's title meant "In My own Way' Like I get in My own damn way I obstruct myself.

Can you dig that? Like understand it?

How could it be personal when I've been this way years and decades before I ever met you?

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Tilt_mcgillis On 30/04/2007

Alan Watts... wow, i haven't heard that name in quite some years now!

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Slavcia On 29/04/2007

It's personal because when we met, you got lucky. You now have many blessings enriching your life and your home...and every reason to honor these. There are simply no more excuses to live passively, in squalor. You have every reason to celebrate and cherish your life.

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