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t's lonely everyday without you
To rub me up the wrong way 'til I bleed
Taking on the whole street
We've had bad words once before
I think you've told me twice or maybe more
You're never going to like it
I don't want anything from you
I've only come just to enjoy the view
I'm sneaking out the back way
I think we've heard enough before
Sick of all your bollocks, you're a bore
You've always got something to say
And to me I see no way
That you'll ever be any other way
Not today.

Consumed - Not Today


On January 24 2013 at Washington, United States 9 Views

Avatar fuk_xia

Fuk_xia On 24/01/2013

Aroma a buen punk rock!
Delicatessen musical siempre por estos lares x)

Avatar gandul83

Gandul83 On 24/01/2013

Suave perdigón, ahora ya te llamaré Lou por aquí, pero es que Acid Bath mola

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