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After Patent Office said they would put the effort out

They would send me a search copies of similar products in the United States, but one wouldn't be as simple as my po-lite liter slip-on casing would be to manufacture or be as low-priced to produce on the production line. So they refused to give me an American Patent in Washington D.C.

I spent several hundred dollars for others to lie to my face and to charge me for garbage that I paid to another for long before D.C. ..... "Then Bic tells me in a reply they are not interested at the time like other manufactures, after receiving my product and application, and looking over what I'm offering to then Bic starts producing such patent claim in year 2007 and is still manufacturing and selling said innovation without sending me a single cent.

Even after I sold two of my simple to make-handmade clay casings that slip-on to a lighter body easily and snug enough to keep extra items or smaller objects inside, Bic doesn't show even the care to produce the longer sizes for to help others use them for other benefits.

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