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Lightning Black Sand Glass for Rock Fulgurite + T S X D

#7 ~Naturally Hollow Fulgurite~ with most having small to larger pebbles naturally heat melded into their sides. And they are with soft sugary sand outer layer body shells with some roughness.
These are the most interesting finds AAA has ever found! He said to me, to remember that these fulgurites are found in an area that is abundant in other minerals, crystals, gems, agates, chert, dinosaur bone & egg shell, with natural gems and stones like: red beryl, labradorite-sunstone, amethyst, petrified wood, mountain opal, durangoite, beryllium, rosy quartz to smoky quartz, topaz crystals, hematite, dendrite, basalt, kimberlite, leopard jasper, green jade, chalcedony, brown & red garnet, flat red beryl, bixbyite, limonite, white silicate sand to Black Volcanic Sand, to gold and silver being mined frequently , and w other fossils are collected. [] A group I sold on eBay in 2007
Sediments found in these fulgurites: White Sand, Black volcanic sand, chert, petrified tree, obsidian, agate, red jasper, limestone, dinosaur & mammoth bone, ivory and quartz crystals glistening all over a few of these. These were found by AAA, the fulgurite man of Black Rock, Utah.

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