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Ghostly Ghastly Girl Face sitting on Breasts of Mush

(b) Find text startup at (a) under title: Button Kid'z Dress - After trying to do much with the artwork and photos for many years I had to try to get attention due to past irregular actions on how I would be moved from town to town. From school to school and due to parents looking for better paying jobs I would discover a lot of those friends phone numbers would vanish to where I couldn't make contact with them when I wanted too. so by dumping my artwork on the internet I hoped I would get attention where word of mouth would attract my old friends to make contact. But apparently it isn't what I thought would happen. So I would start looking for them on the internet. But then due to persecution by many that didn't know what I was doing ahead of time. Some people started harassing me everywhere I went on the net. So I hired a lawyer to spy on them. Then I went back to other sites where the lawyer firm has my passwords and started searching for them to discovering, they are more different than I would ever expect and find a few to talk to in private. The net is no place for private conversations I have found out throughout many years. Unless its to be on the open-lists that were willing to show on the web.

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    Bienvenue sur le Fotolog des amis de la ville d'Amiens, capitale de la Picardie. Si vous adorez cette ville, si vous y êtes né, y vivez, y avez vécu, ou y êtes simplement venu une fois en tant que touriste, si vous êtes passionné de géographie urbaine et d'architecture amiénoise, partagez ici les photos de votre Amiens... :)

    amiens_amiens vous invite aussi à promouvoir sur sa page des évènements culturels se déroulant dans la ville. Alors bon post et Vive Amiens !!...

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