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Nothing Scribbled In abstract pattern & artwork [done w/ink pen]

"Yes' I had planned all of my future endeavors ahead of time and for my own security. In 1994 after I first created Amoxenyte (fire sculpting & painting). Several people tried repeatially to get my secret recipe for themselves. Then I got the chance to offer my artwork and produce it in and around Ogden Utah w/the help of a woman that received a great reprise from her father and an inheritance. She was a divorcee that had two siblings that greatly begin to admire my plans in saturating my art sales across the area and in the greater Salt Lake City area to a certain intent. Store owners were so happy to have me come in and show them my works of art and jewelry. That many wanted more from me than I could effortly produce on my own. Others wanted me to joi them on joint adventures. That at the time I could not exceed at. So with many of the actions I saw and noticed, I had to build a better security for myself and much more stronger than I first couldn't imagine. And I gave away over 300 business cards in a month to every person and retailer I met. I even talked to lawyers in Texas over my art mentioned here that Freedom Software was using but digitally -my works done by hand and ink pens. Not digital pens! I had actually learned fr/them and lawyers in Salt Lake County fr/1991 to 1995, that there was no mistake about how digital computer pens were infringing. But it would costs in the long run a greater fortune to go about suing them at the time. (a-o)

aaron a amyx Amoxenyte Rises art by computer vs nature creating by myself drawing on my own foto infringing infringment ink drawing rarity natural artist natural photographer natural profession needing stronger -on my own pc verses hand photographing myself Securities in 100's security risks started at age 2 story to learning- -to photographing- using cameras-

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  • 80s_vintage


    Fotolog creado para plasmar toda la onda retro, estilo vintage, ya sea en moda y música, pero sólo de los años 80!

  • lanuevahola


    Anime (trajes de baño y bikinis)
    Moda y modelos .
    Y tambien chicas en bikini

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