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B&W is something I had been looking for in the right hemisphere.

Since I got on ebay I had been looking for ways to surprise people for fun. I did around friends businesses and homes -many of times. Hiding secret treasures and surprises in various areas and locations to also giving clues. For many of the past years. I just enjoyed having so much fun after I discovered what was located around my territory of Millard County, Beaver & Juab Counties. "Way to much fun! LOL <3

Here's another fantastic photographer's work of art that I had to have some fun with while creating quilt patch garden. It's another person I do not know. I photographed his work and altered it for fun to show what else I can do to stranger's art world. "Surprise!!

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  • lanuevahola


    Anime (trajes de baño y bikinis)
    Moda y modelos .
    Y tambien chicas en bikini

  • amiens_amiens


    Bienvenue sur le Fotolog des amis de la ville d'Amiens, capitale de la Picardie. Si vous adorez cette ville, si vous y êtes né, y vivez, y avez vécu, ou y êtes simplement venu une fois en tant que touriste, si vous êtes passionné de géographie urbaine et d'architecture amiénoise, partagez ici les photos de votre Amiens... :)

    amiens_amiens vous invite aussi à promouvoir sur sa page des évènements culturels se déroulant dans la ville. Alors bon post et Vive Amiens !!...

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