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Not a ''Cat n the Hat'' here! Merely SPRING LOADED PEZ..?

a galaxy meteorite (amoxenyte - extraterrestrial coral art) was made into a hat and using pictures of the hat I created this cat face. Like the shorts too, with fish duffle bag behind, and the giant black bird going after the huge macaw? All my creativity too!

(Part 4) After Ted Harris Passed on... the Wah Wah Range Red Beryl came nearly to a cease in movement. Until after Rex Harris and Marlow Cropper passed on leaving their legacy behind losing appeal with all four claims they owned. Then Bob Harris, (Ted's brother) Said that this only brings up the value more increasingly. While the raspberry beryl in New Mexico resembles red beryl looks, but also comes in many other colors -It too.... is becoming rarer. For their mine is running out much quicker. But the Brazilian Aquamarine Beryl will shortly rise to become number one. As one of my favorites.

2006 2013 2014 aaron a amyx aaron's amigo amor amore amour amoxenyte amoxenyte artwork anime arm art artwork bc beautiful black brasil brazil cake camera cars cas & dogs cats cats do havmor fun cheekythegnome chile chocolate trilobite coffee coffee shade coffee trilobite color com comet cool cosplay crazy cute decor decoration decorational dogs are just dogs dragsters dress elegant eliastereo90 emo ever extraterrestrial artfashion felicidad food foto friends fun funny funny quotes galaxy galaxy meteoritegangsta girl gm artwork gothic graffiti grafix hair hairstyles halley happy hatia high school hs jumpers junior bol junk food kansas lace leg lime long board love me meta meteorite metropolitan model modelo mohawk style muscle music my nature onwards original paint papaya photo photograph pie platypus ek platypus elrathia platypus trilobite portagul prom pseudokane3_5 punk raise razorback trilobite reddauug artwork red tail hawk rock rockatoo rose runway saon saor sarcastic scene sculpture sexy skates smile squid eats trilobite stone graphix strange stylesswimsuit TAGS taken test thephamtom1 tilt trucks ummhha utahan crazy! wheelies wildwild life witchita you zoo

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Reddauug On 06/02/2014

well mother natures cutting me off, now and then... but ebay's got another problem.... they just dodn't see it yet! until I get the word..... I may share it.

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Reddauug On 06/02/2014

My very 1st creation was made in 1978. I would collect a large bundle of wooden crates and timber and huge beams from a giant firm and manufacturing company that builds professional office and warehouse buildings by owners permission in Texas. Where I would use later to build a giant fort up on stilts (huge tall posts the night after). And where I would do this would attract attention throughout two middle schools and through their teachers and staff (of over 7000 pupils) because I was 12 years of age and did it in the middle of night all by myself. By morning, school busses coming down the highway to go by my parents property would come to a slow down a few at a time, where one bus driver that knew me would stop and ask if I may need any additional help. My Reply: Nope! I'm finished'' And as I was walking across the two story high platform. ..........Oops! AgggggghhH-PLOP!! I must of been very tired when I nailed the floor case upside-down. Boards that were supposed to be nailed down on the main case frame were found by everyone that was on the bus ''bent down'' where I fell through. "But don't worry! I just got a little bruised up from the fall to a grassy lawn underneath. ''I never heard such an uproar from students in laughter, after I started laughing in embarrassment myself. Then only true friends were invited to sleepover when a vw bug would drive up and bottle rocket fireworks would be shot at us. So we turned their car over! Upside-down.Microsoftis now shutin me dow

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Reddauug On 06/02/2014

''Do you know what happened after that? Do you know how www.ebay.com treated me after they found out.''

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