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And this is...

The part when there's no coming back.

The part when i'm free

The part when I choose not to fall

The part when I'm defying the gravity... Just for a second.

The part when nothing else matters

The part when I'm happy.

The part when my body and mind are working together.

The part when I achieve something new

The part when I undestand what i'm capable to do

The part when I'm electricity

And this is...

3 years of moving, 3 years of achieve, 3 years of pain, 3 years of a new way of life, 3 years of dreams, 3 years of think in a different way, 3 years of being a kid again, 3 years of discover new places, 3 years of new people, friends, and brothers.

And it's just the beginnig...

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Avatar manuelito_96

Manuelito_96 On 02/06/2010

ohla cesar
bueno adios el sabado alas 2

Avatar 00ree0ee

00ree0ee On 09/05/2010

kuidat cesar
akii ando


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