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me and u
we have something wrong?
or i just ....

On December 13 2006 9 Views

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Chun1 On 05/01/2007


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X2kissx On 04/01/2007

dont worry be happy~like you said " SU SU~ na ":)takeCare voy*

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Dedoone On 26/12/2006


Avatar gsg9

Gsg9 On 25/12/2006

Merry Christmas !!!I'm back now, just back from camping at upcountry 'Nakornnayok' province, and all for free,so cold there because we lived on the hills among the natural forest ,, you know, beautiful scene when I watch the vista from my resort's window!!I really want you to be there !! anyway, hope you'll be happy forever :)I had a wonderful time with my friends though i cautch some cold and sore throatbut you know, I never stop my dessert and keep on baking :)peace!!!

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[[mook]] On 19/12/2006

kid tung jung"""when u will answer my Question na '555+......

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Myfotofoto On 19/12/2006


Avatar aday

Aday On 14/12/2006

I feel in that way ....:)

Avatar urbanrasta

Urbanrasta On 13/12/2006

hummm....i have the same question for myself....


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