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pierced up

Piercing room at pierced up Bristol, had a mess about on there wall which came out nicely, was the piercers idea, the hands are holding piercing needles. This was followed by a big tattoo session. So a good weekend

On February 02 2009 77 Views

Avatar pure728

Pure728 On 08/02/2009


Avatar clinteagleson

Clinteagleson On 06/02/2009

hell yes this is great , i love your work ,so clean.

Avatar neuzz

Neuzz On 03/02/2009

yeah! its amazing!

Avatar reack1

Reack1 On 02/02/2009

Awesome here!

Avatar fester_one

Fester_one On 02/02/2009

qe buen trabajo e
qedo de de
10 ese trabajo
un saludote

Avatar jhoezjhoezjhoez

Jhoezjhoezjhoez On 02/02/2009

bonito STYLE

un saludo desde españa

Avatar biradantas

Biradantas On 02/02/2009

Great drawings here!!
All tatoos?
Best regards from Brazil

Avatar jesserobot

Jesserobot On 02/02/2009

good one...

Avatar lafinekip

Lafinekip On 02/02/2009

yeah Bristol rules !!!

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