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ADTR challenge.

Day 18. Your second favorite adtr song.

Wa, wait a second, how am I here again? WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT?

Ok, seriously, I'm continuing my ADTR challenge. Yeah, more than a year later COME ON LET ME BREATHE.

I'm questioning if this challenge is for real, because, I mean, I CAN'T choose my favourite song about then, HOW CAN I WILL BE ABLE TO CHOOSE THE SECOND ONE?

Let's think, mmmm, mmmmmm, no, I honestly cannot. Or at least at the moment.
Because my "favourite" songs change with time, maybe today is "Have faith in me" and tomorrow is "Another song about the weekend" and the day after "You'll be Tails I'll be Sonic" (which are, for instance, three of my favourites BWAHAHA ok). They do such amazing songs that I'm not able to choose which I prefer.

You're awesome guys.

So, yes, that's it, maybe Another song about the weekend? You'll be Tails I'll be Sonic?


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