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En retrospectiva

nada que ver con lo que pretendía dibujar,
tal vez sea por el tiempo,
el estado de ánimo,
porque café no tomo

...♪ "The Face" ♪...

Traveler of the great divides
Vagrant on a path to life
Everyday feels a little closer
To where it is that you're headed for
Given to a hope of so much more
For every time you fall apart
There'll be a soul to guide your journey
But if you choose to turn away
There in the mirror
You'll see my face



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    Photos of flowers, plants, bugs, animals, birds, landscape, geology or whatever nature gives you room to breathe. Please be as informative or descriptive as you can about what a plant, animal or rock is. To me, education about nature is a strong part of knowing nature.

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    Grupo fotolog para que subas fotografias editadas dedicadas a Buffy, la cazavampiros, Angel y todos sus acotores.

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